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How to apply JLPT exam in Japan Kanto Area - Do you know how to apply Japanese language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or Nouryoku Shiken JLPT N5, JLPT N4, JLPT N3, JLPT N2, and JLPT N1 exam in Japan? Don't you? Ok, i'm gonna share my experience based on my case. Its like Sherlock Homes cases. Wakakaka. I was using JLPT online registration to login JLPT or lokking for JLPT result.

Absolutely you have to online to provide private information. I suggest you to use your laptop instead Handphone. Why? Its more easy to handle your information correctly. 

Application test

1. Click this website

If you confuse about all those Japanese, just click "English" on the upright corner. Woala....everything in English anyway.

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

2. Choose your ID

Which one you wanna choose for your ID. You can be Individual or Group. Of course if you choose group over Individual, it means you want to apply more than one person. I choose English for this tutorial. 

Please use the registration file correctly.

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

3. Choose language you wanna use

I know we want to take JLPT for measure our ability. But, to make sure handling your private ID correctly, there is no wrong using English as your language when you fill the information. Your ID gonna be perfect. 

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

4. Its like agreement that you will give about yourself

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

After you done reading all those info, check, "I agree".

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

5. Fill in the blank about your ID

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

Make sure fill the information without missing anything. Because when you miss something, it's not gonna continue to the next round. 

When you have done, check it again, and click " confirm your registration".

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

6. Confirmation

Its like final step, because this is crucial thing. Make sure everything on the position. When you "Ok" with the information that you had given, so "register".

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

7. Filing information has complete.

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

Check your email! And another instruction will be sent to your email. For now, your email is very important. Because when you you wanna take the test, it will be sent into your account email.

Test date usually in July and December every year. But you have to regist your data in around March or August.

How To Apply JLPT In Japan
JLPT Timeline

8. Click again this website

Log in and just fill some information about the test that you wanna take. Dont forget to pay JLPT cost 5500 yen.

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

How to Apply JLPT in Japan

How to Apply JLPT in Japan


Btw, make sure to fill registration where you want to take JLPT exam. I used to take Kanto area.

If you had fill the data, took a test, the result will come around one or two month after.

Done. Prepare for the test. Good luck!

Fuji Haru
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