Traveling to Ikaho Onsen – Shibukawa is one of the beautiful place in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. It has magnificent scenery, such as Mount Haruna, Haruna Temple and the famous hot spring resort (onsen) Ikaho. This journey as my trip to Shibukawa, Gunma ken. I think the best time to visit Ikaho Onsen are in spring and autumn.

I got an opportunity to go to these beautiful place with my Japanese friend and Indonesian friend. We went to these place to spend the holiday in early spring. UME MATSURIIt still early spring, so everywhere in Japan, especially in Gunma full of blossom flower of Sakura, Ume, etc. Ume is Japanese plum that has similar color with Sakura, but darker from the color and has fruit. Plum fruit so sour and its used in Onigiri, Japanese food too. The taste is also sour. If you wanna try this food in this spot, you should go near the spot and also you should calculate when will you come to this place. I was too early when I went to this place, so the Onigiri with ume has not been ready yet. But still, you can find another souvenir such as food and other things. Because a lot of blossom ume in here, you can find beautiful spot in everywhere. It so refreshing your mind with the scenery. I also took a lot of picture in here.

Jalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa Jepang

There is a hill near this place. And, you will surprise when you see Gunma from the top of this hill. Wow! Gunma has a gorgeous view. You can see the Gunma Prefectural Government Building as the big and also the tallest building that I know in this place.


Mount Haruna

Some people called Mount Haruna as Fuji san, or mount Fuji. But actually, its not the famous and the big mount Fuji as we known. In this place, you can enjoy lake Haruna that has beautiful scenery, homestay place and little restaurant. You can enjoy the scenery while you eat or riding little boat. And the rent is about 1000 yen every 30 minutes.

Jalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa Jepang
Jalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa Jepang

There is a gondola to pick you up to the peak of mount Fuji. You have to pay 840 yen. It worth than walking to the top. I think you gonna be exhausted when you go to the peak without gondola. If you have reached the peak, you ll find beautiful temple that has bell. And also Gunma scenery more beautiful from this top. Something unique here is binoculars. Yes,,,,,they provided binoculars to see view clearly. You just put in 100 yen beside binocular and you can see the view from it. I’m sure you ‘ll satisfied!

After took around of fuji peak, its time to check and buy souvenir. Yeah…there is a lot unique things that you found in here. And, when we come to this store, some owner offered us tea. The tea was absolutely good. She said that it was shiitake tea. Its free!!!! That’s what I like it.

Haruna Shrine

Next destination is Haruna shrine. Actually the shrine is in Takasaki, but it is near shibukawa. If you go to Japanese temple that called jinja or tera, you will be amazed about the architecture, the scenery, and the culture. Its rich, isn’t it? Its like religious tour to every mind.

Jalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa Jepang

When you had visited the shrine, try the yakimanju, Japanese food that has delicious taste. I tried for the first time, and little bit strange, but its so delicious. Finally I ate much it. The price is about 400 yen with big portion. I think if you share with your friend, its plenty much.

Ikaho Onsen

My last destination in Shibukawa is Ikaho Onsen. I cant wait to see this place, because all my friend said that this is a must place you have to go. When I saw it. Oh lala. What a beautiful scenery! Before we go to the top of this place, you can see Stone stairway! It has 365, it is like day in a year. On the top of the stairway, there is a temple.

Jalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa JepangJalan Jalan ke area Shibukawa Jepang

In the right and left stairway a lot of souvenir shop, restaurant, onsen place, etc. can be seen. Every place of Onsen has own price, it depend of the quality of the place. If you wanna free charge, of course there it is. But it’s only for your feet, not whole body!

My trip in Shibukawa it’s not enough! I think there is a lot place that can’t be seen at the moment. Its gonna be my next trip to explore it. Come on, lets explore it!

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