Arti sahabat (bukan) lagu Nidji – Friendship its always memorable and priceless memories, One enemy is too much, but 1000 friends is less. Hahaha karena sahabat sangat berarti dan ini bukan lirik atau lagu tentang Nidji. Its my story.

It’s so sad when i remembered about my memory. What kind of memory that made you feel so sad? Was it bad? Sweety? Romantic? Or was it great so you feel sad? A lot of thing happened in my life. Losing friend and i got the better one. Didn’t get what i want, loosing romantic life, family ruined, and another target that i want to be. 

Sakura JLC
Those memories was paintful in the ass, but life must goes on. So sad when i have to go to Japan. Yes, i have to loose what i left behind: Friend, family, school, students and my grandmother.

Talking about friend is a great deal for me. Yes, since i didn’t get along with my real family, better choose to be another family member or make a friend as much as i like. 
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Of course selecting is the first thing when i make a friend. Its such a bullshit when you said that you did’nt select your friend base on your criteria. Such as hobby, religion and, etc. But, the important thing you make a friend because he/ she is valued for you. Positive vibe absolutely. 

Sefti sensei to Ayu sensei

Eventough she or he make some negative value for you, you should make a friend with him. Why? She/ He is negative person, so you can learn that you can’t be that person. Is it worth it? Thats right. So……worth it. Should we make a friend? Of course.

Farewel di Sakura JLC

This is my friend in Sakura JLC Bekasi. Im gonna miss all of you guys. Thanks for being my friend and make a lot of story.

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Note: Sorry if i did mistake with my english. Please do not be nazi’s grammar. Lol. 

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